Rental rates quoted are daily, or single use rates, and an additional charge will be made for each additional day of use. Low weekly and monthly rates are readily available, when arranged in advance. All rentals shall be on a C.O.D. basis, unless prior approval for credit has been made.


A security deposit is generally required. This deposit is in addition to the rental charges and will be refunded after careful inspection of returned items. The cost of any missing or damaged items, including lost packing containers, will be deducted.


A reservation deposit is required on all reservations to secure the equipment for your use. This deposit, generally 20-100% of the rental total, depending on the item and time of the year, it is completely refundable if the order is cancelled within 30 days of the delivery date. After that, refunds are at A to Z Rental’s discretion. No refund will be made for orders cancelled less than seven days before the reservation date. All breakage, loss and collection charges are in addition to accrued rental. Charges also will be made for lost or damaged packaging containers. Rental rates are subject to change without notice.


To provide efficient, dependable delivery service to all of our customers at a rate to be determined by circumstances. Our scheduled delivery routes are planned in advance, based on both the time the equipment is required and location. We will provide unscheduled delivery service whenever possible at a rate to be determined by the circumstances. Pickup will be made at Lessor’s convenience or by special arrangement for an appropriate fee. Delivery must be made to, and equipment must be kept in, a sheltered location, protected from the elements and all items must be stacked as they were at delivery. There will be a charge for having to fold and collect on rental all rental items. Responsibility for equipment remains with the lessee from time of delivery to time of pickup. If equipment is unavailable for pickup, the client agrees to pay an additional pickup charge plus any additional rental charges accrued. Delivery and pickup will be to ground level only. There is an additional charge for either upstairs or downstairs delivery, and for those deliveries requiring elevators. These fees may be adjusted after the delivery or pickup is made. Delivery and pickup charges are dependent upon time, distance and size of order.