Are you ready?  It is almost spring time, which means that it is almost that time of year where all of your plants and trees are in full bloom and growing again.  Do you have a job that needs to get done before that?  Whether you are trimming up your trees and hedges before they start to grow again, or you need some serious work done on your irrigation and drainage before the spring showers start leaking into your house, A to Z rentals in Lakeland make your job easy.  We have everything you could possibly need right here, and if you don’t know what you need, we can still help.

We offer one of the widest selection of tools and equipment for rent in Lakeland, whether you are needing a unique automotive tool, that you don’t want to buy because really… how often do you replace the springs in your car… or you are a contracting company that needs to rent a specialized tool so that you can finally finish that job up and head home?

You can call on us to not only be the singular place to go with Equipment Rentals in Lakeland, but also to be on hand with advice and knowledge that will guide you in getting your job done right, exactly the way you wanted it done.  So don’t worry if you don’t know exactly what you need, because we are here to help, with over 33 years of experience available to you over the phone or in person.  To view our inventory, feel free to browse our website at or give us a call today.  We’ll make sure that you get your job done right, right away.